Sunday, October 12, 2014

Office Ninja DVD on

Hope everyone's weekend is going well. We just got some fun news about Office Ninja. It's now available in DVD form on! Click on the link here to check it out.

For just $10, you can own the award-winning comedy in old-school analog DVD! Big shout out to Josh Rubinstein (@joshrubinstein) for the awesome case/cover design.

Just a reminder, that Office Ninja is available for download on iTunes. And we're moving along in getting it only other digital platforms!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

PTMG Podcast 046 - NFL Week 4 with Jared Hoy and Vanessa Cozini

Jared Hoy (@JaredHoy) joins Vanessa Cozini (@CrazyForCult) and I to talk Week 4 NFL, mainly my Raiders, Jared's Dolphins, Vanessa's Packers. We also touch on Legoland, Ello's debut, and random feminist current events.

Check out Jared's YouTube channel:

Vanessa's Crazy for Cult podcast:

Watch Office Ninja on iTunes!

Episode on YouTube:

Check out this episode!