Who Am I?


Okay, enough of that nonsense.

Bin Lee is an award & festival winning writer and director hailing from Los Angeles. After working in software development for years, he jumped into the entertainment game in 2010. Since then, he's dabbled in numerous media, including: feature film, shorts, reality TV, and webseries. He's donned many hats, including: editor, assistant editor, 2nd assistant director, PA, producer, writer, and director.

To date, his biggest accomplishments are writing/producing/directing the award-winning feature film, Office Ninja, co-writing the Scriptopalooza QuarterFinalist feature screenplay, American Born Chinese, and editing the first season of Pairings the Series.

Bin calls himself "Part Time Movie Guy" because he pursues many other non-film passions, such as: sci-fi (especially Dr. Who), board games, science & technology (especially astronomy), the Los Angeles Lakers, Manchester United Football Club, Oakland Raiders, and sports analytics (especially FootballOutsiders.com).

(I have no idea why I went 3rd person in the previous paragraphs.)