Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Office Ninja EPK

Hey guys, just a couple of updates for Office Ninja.

First off, it's reloading for another round of distribution-searching. We've got a spanking new Electronic Press Kit (EPK), including a second trailer to woo our distributor contacts. The metaphorical ball is now rolling. Shoutout to Ewan Bourne and Jakob Beetem for the help!

Second of all, it's screening in less than two weeks at the San Jose Genre Film Festival, Sunday May 26th, 4:30pm. You can purchase passes here. There's also a LivingSocial promo for the entire festival here. I'll be there, curious to see the audience reaction.

And just a reminder, the comedic webseries, The Ladies and The Gents, has been going for six weeks strong and it's not stopping for another fourteen weeks. My acting debut is next Thursday May 23rd, 10am-ish PST. But I implore you to check out everyone else's episodes, including some fun stuff last week from my friends Stephanie Thorpe and Jennifer Landa.

Neeya sext time!