Tuesday, November 5, 2013

PTMG Podcast 014 - Random Nerdy Stuff with Alan Kistler and Eric Collin Campbell.mp3

Here is 90 minutes of nerdy goodness including Comikaze, Ender's Game, and Doctor Who. Alan Kistler, Eric Collin Campbell and I discuss the "Well Actually Guy", mansplaining, whether boycotting Ender's Game movie matters, and wonder if John Hurt is the Valeyard. Kistler unleashes a bevy of geek knowledge, while cats, dogs, and girlfriends crash the pod, we dork around with Google Hangouts sound effects, and I get dropped from my own freaking podcast.
Eric Collin Campbell: @8BitEric
Alan Kistler: @sizzlerkistler
Doctor Who: A History
Watch Google Hangout here

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